BT series operators which features in good performance and good quality is used for various doors because of its easy installation and economy
  • controlled by the microcomputer digital chips , giving the control unit multiple programmable modes including provision to interface with building security system, built-in UPS, etc.
  • Wide operational parameter setting like speed, hold-on time, power.
  • Solo interface for BEA photocell to prevent from clamping person
  • Collision detection function
  • When power fails, UPS can provide escaping passage
  • The microcontroller also provide the interface for alarming system, safety system, etc
  • Fuse protection at 3A, 250V
  • Protection when working temperature is over setting value
  • Imported Microchips MCU to control the door working. 24V, 60W, DC brushless motor have big power to hold 150kg panels
  • With the help of advanced synchronous belt and perfect design of power supply circuit , the door moves very stably.
  • Panasonic track and anti-derail rubber on the hanger roller to protect from derailing. Our this techniques is very mature and can promise it can't derail.
Technical Data
Door model Single  Bi-Parting
Door width 700-1300mm 600mm-1250mmn
Door weight 150kg 150kg x 2
Opening speed 15cm-50cm/s 15cm-45cm/s
Clsosing speed 10cm-45cm/s 10cm-43cm/s
Hold on time: 0-9s
Motor brushless 24 volt DC,60W ,high torque 3000r/min
Microcontroller Applying PLC techniques and 8 bit-slice microcomputer system
Power supply 110V-250V,60Hz/50Hz
Profile size 4200mm(L)x 128mm(H)x100mm